Privacy Policy

Personal data refers to any information that identifies the player as a unique customer. This typically includes basic details such as first and last name, date of birth, and place of residence, among others. When you fill out the registration form to create an account, you voluntarily provide us with this information. We collect, store, and utilize personal data to enhance our service quality and improve the user experience.

This information enables us to develop personalized bonuses for clients, optimize advertising and marketing campaigns, and enhance the security of user accounts and funds. Personal information collection begins with your initial visit to the site, even before registration, and includes data like location, installed software, and device model. Subsequent interactions with the site may involve additional data collection.

Primary Purposes of Collecting and Utilizing Personal Data

  • Service Improvement: We use the information gathered to create tailored promotional offers for existing clients, provide advantageous bonuses for new users, and execute effective advertising and marketing strategies.
  • Security: Since we receive personal information from every user, this data is instrumental in swiftly resolving disputes.
  • Legal Compliance: Our online betting services operate within the legal frameworks of the jurisdictions we serve, utilizing personal data in accordance with applicable regulations.

Personal customer information is strictly confidential and is not shared or disclosed to third parties except in cases where such disclosure is mandated by law enforcement agencies investigating suspected fraudulent activities by a client. Additionally, information may be used for publicity purposes in the event of significant winnings.

Users have the right to decline providing personal data unilaterally. To exercise this right, please contact our support service with your request.

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